Q:  Can I hang signs on your booths? If so what is the best method?
A:  Yes, you can hang signs on our booths but only if there is no wind at the event.  We
cannot be liable for booths that may blow over due to the hanging of signs in unsafe
Click here to see suggestions for hanging signs.

Q:  What about payment?
A:  Payment is due on Delivery.  

Q:  How far in advance do I need to reserve the booths
A:  Most commonly customers call and reserve 2 months prior to the event.  But it is
suggested to reserve  ASAP due the fact that some weekends “book up” early in the year.  

Q:  How do I go about reserving booths
A:  It as simple as a phone call.    

Q:  Does A & R take credit cards?
A:  Sorry we do not take credit cards?  Checks are OK.        

Q:  Can I take all 4 side panels off the booth so people can walk in.
A:  No you can not take all four side panels off the booth.  That would compromise its structural integrity.  You can,
however, take just one panel off (usually the front panel) to allow people to walk into the booth.

Q:  Does A & R Have a minimum requirement for ordering?
A:  There is a 10 booth minimum for ordering

Q:  Can I pick a booth up from A & R if I only need one or two booths and set it up my self?
A:  No.  Due to Insurance restrictions A & R employees must deliver and assemble all booths

Q:  Is it ok for the customer to move or alter a booth once A & R has set it up?
A:  No.  The best way to insure a safe and securer booth is not to move or alter the booths configuration after set up.
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