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A & R 10' X 10'
"The Other Guy's"
10’ X 10’ Peak
Roof Canopy
Compare the Features of “Our Booths” vs “Their Canopies"
Appearances: With standard options.
Appearances: With costly nonstandard options.
Notice “floppy”  side walls.
Appearances: After Signs are placed.
Back-wall,Side-walls,  and
serving counter
Same as above(no additional charge)
Peaks seem to lose their aesthetics
-Professional Look.
-Fast set-up time.
-Great for Art and Wine Festivals, and Street Fairs.
-Front panel can be removed to allow attendee access.
-Solid construction.
-Easy Recognition…   Most artist canopies, and other
rental company canopies, have peaked roofs and vinyl
sidewalls.  Our Booths "Stand-Out" because they are
made of wood.  Great for attendee recognition of your
(see picture below)
-Pleasing to the eye.
-Great for shade.
-Can be entered by all sides.
-Does not need sidewalls.
-Only one panel at a time can be removed.
-Cannot be entered by all four sides.
       Ours                                                 Theirs
     Ours                                                 Theirs
 Ours                                                                                                Theirs
-Sometimes gives an event a circus look.
-Sidewalls and counters are not  standard.
-Sidewalls tend to look droopy, and are not as
secure as wooden panels.
-Slow set-up times.
Ours                                                                          Theirs
     Ours                                                Theirs