Feed The Frog
(Incest Flicker)

SUPPLIES YOU NEED (table, balls, etc.)
The Booth you use should have an open front.

1)        Assemble framework.  Note that the eight longer pieced of tubing are used to
form the sides and bottom of frame. (2 per side, 2 per top and bottom)  while
the four shorter crimped pieces are to be used to create the base.

2)        Attach canvas to framework using Velcro straps

3)        Position unit as far back in the booth as possible.

4)        Position the “catapult” 6 to 10 feet in front of game unit.

How to Play:
- Determine how far from the frog target you want to place the catapult (the closer
the easier)

-Give the player three insects

-The player sets one incest at a time on the launch pad and hits the launch pad
target with the mallet.

-The player repeats this with all three insects.

Pay out:
Give 3 tickets for 3 insects in frogs mouth
Give 2 tickets for 2 insects in frogs mouth
Give 1 tickets for 1 insect in frogs mouth