I can't Stand it

-The booth needs a low front panel
-Set the game units 3 to 6 inches from the front of the booths
-You can use up to 3 game units per side of booth
-Set the game unit on top of cardboard or some material to prevent the bottles
from breaking as they fall to the ground.
-Make sure all the string lengths are equal for each game “playing rod”

-Operator hands playing rod to the player

-The player, holding the playing rod (not the string) and tries to work the ring
over the bottle and then attempts to stand the bottle up on the base.

-The player can not:
-Hold the string
-Hold the ring
-Shorten the string

-Player wins when they stand the bottle up on the base unit

-The players turn is over when the bottle ether falls off the base unit or when
the player wins by standing the bottle up on the base unit.

-Materials and or Items you need to supply for this game:
Cardboard or carpet or some sort of material to place under the game unit to
prevent the bottle from breaking as it falls to the ground

The player wins if they stand the bottle on the platform base.   

Give 10 tickets if they do so