Lollipop Tree
easier for the kids to reach.

-Randomly place lollie pos in hole of the game unit.  100 to 150 lollie pop at a                
 time should work fine. You do not need to fill all the holes in the lollie pop tree.

-Player picks a lollie pop from game unit.  If the player picks the lollie pop marked
with the felt pen they win a prize.  If they do not pick the marked lollie pop then
they keep the lollie pop.

-Materials and or Items you need to supply for this game:
-If you choose to us unit on a table then you need to supply the table.  If you
choose the set unit on ground then you need to make sure the booths has a
low panel on the front or no panel on the front.

-You need to supply the lollie pops 500 to 600 would be a good base to start at.

-Felt tip marker to use on the winning lollie pops.


If a player picks the winning lollie pop you can pay them 3 tickets of give them a
small prize.