Over and Under

-Place game unit approx 4 to 5 feet from front of booth

-Depending on how you want to play, remove 3 to 4 balls from tube that is
located under the game unit.

-Once you have removed the balls, unlatch top of game unit and open the top           
 up.  Then swing the two sides pieces up and insert the two set pins.

1)        This game can be played two ways.  (with 3 or 4 balls)  With 3 balls the score
should add up to under 6 or over 15.  With 4 balls the score should add up
to under 9 or over 19.  There are more wins when playing 4 balls.

2)  If the ball should happen to bounce out of the game unit the player can
rethrow the ball.

Materials and or Items you need to supply for this game:
This game can be set on the ground but some people like to set it on a table.  You
need to supply you own able if you chose this method.

(With 3 balls) If player gets 6 or under or 15 or over they win 10 tickets

(with 4 balls) If player gets 9 or under or 10 and over they win 8tickets