Sign hanging suggestions:
The above picture is the most common method to hang a sigh.  The sign is up above the booths so it can be seen
from a distance and when people are standing in front of the booth.  
The sign is hung by attaching two 10-foot “*sign poles” on either side of the booth “legs” and running a rope
horizontally from sign pole to sign pole to attach your sign.

*3/4 inch EMT conduit works great for sign poles.  It is relatively inexpensive and can be easily found at most
hardware stores.
The most common methods to attach sign poles are duct tape or zip ties.

Using either method secure each pole in at least two places on the booth legs , one mounting spot high on the
booth leg and one mounting spot low on the booths leg.
Do not hang or use signs on  booths during windy weather conditions

A & R is not  liable for  booths that may blow over due to the hanging of signs in
unsafe weather