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Even fundraisers need to think about branding. You’ll want to put signs up on your booths to advertise the brand of food, wine or vendor items that are being offered for sale. Putting up signs on the wooden booth is an easy process.

Signs on Wooden Booths

The booth in the picture is the most common method in hanging a sign. The sign is up above the booth so it can be seen from a distance and when people are standing in front of the booth. The sign is hung by attaching two 10-foot sign poles on either side of the booth legs then running a rope horizontally from sign pole to sign pole to attach your sign.

Using 3/4″ EMT conduit works great for sign poles. It is relatively inexpensive and can be found at most hardware stores. The most common method to attach sign poles is by using duct tape or zip ties.

Using either method, secure each pole in at least two places on the booth legs, one mounting spot high on the booth leg and one mounting spot low on the booth leg.

When using signs on your rented wooden booth, it is important to have someone in charge of removing the signs in windy weather. Most banner signs cannot withstand a very windy day. If there is any doubt whether the sign will hold up, someone needs to remove it immediately to prevent anyone getting hurt by falling banners or poles. So, have people on hand during the entire festival to monitor the booth signs.

A & R Booth Rentals is happy to give advice on how to attach signs to the booth that you rent from us. Let us know if you need some instruction on how this is done.