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There are many good fundraising ideas for schools that the kids and adults will think are just the best! There is one idea in particular that has always been a reliable fundraiser and the kids will count the days until that spectacular event happens.

Good Fundraising Ideas for Schools

The most popular fundraising idea is the carnival, just like any kid will tell you. Kids of all ages love to walk through all the rows of big wooden booths and play all those games of chance to win a prize.

The schools love carnivals because the tickets sell fast and furious. The reason? It’s because excited children are the best fundraisers. What parent can limit their child’s fun? They keep buying them more tickets on demand. The school pumps up the coffers with all those ticket sales.

Carnival Games

Of course, every school fundraiser must have carnival games. The good old-fashioned games are still the most popular. They require a little skill to beat the game and the winners always get a stuffed animal or a little game prize.

Popular Carnival Games:

  • Ring Toss
  • Duck Pond
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Golf Putt
  • Milk Can Toss

In addition to fun games, face painting is a fun activity for both kids and adults. There needs to be a bake sale for some very tempting, homemade sweet treats. A concession stand with hot food and cold drinks keeps everyone on the grounds having fun through the lunch hour.

You can also borrow some ideas from the state fair for pie baking contests and possibly an ugly dog show. But be sure to have some of the local theater actors volunteer their storybook character actors and circus skills to wow the crowd.

Everything You Need

Our customers come up with the best fundraising ideas for their schools, because we make it so easy for them. A & R Rentals has all the wooden booths, shade tents and food booths you need to raise a lot of funds this year. Give us a call.